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Independence and Healthy Intimacy.


The Brand #TIMW


- Applicants should be personable, creative, and social media savvy
- Understand that nothing in life is free, and be willing to put in work when needed to earn your rewards (valuable life lesson!)
- Must keep up communication with the Tau Iota Mu Psi members and Kombination Kouture team (in other words, make sure to check your e-mail, DM, etc. throughout your time in the program)
- Previous Brand Ambassador, promotion, or sales experience is a plus, but not required
- Establish an idea for how to get as many recruits and sales as possible!


We exist to empower, encourage and unify our sisterhood and brotherhood...#TIMW x #TIMM are looking for brand reps with a good social media following that wants to work by posting from home! 
We are looking for people who are into being sociable, educated, independent and want to share their lifestyle on their Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts to represent the brand, tag and link to share with your audience. 
Our Brand Ambassadors are our sisters and/or brothers a/k/a potential new members who are responsible for being the face and extension of our brand. We are looking for a diverse group of women and men from all over the world, all shapes and sizes, to join our organization.

Keep in mind, the harder you work the greater the rewards!! We are looking for individuals who will proudly represent Tau Iota Mu Psi and Tau Iota Mu Mu on their college campus -when applicable- (physically and digitally). By increasing the number of recruits on your college campus or in your workplace you seek to positively enhance brand awareness.

As a Tau Iota Mu Psi or Tau Iota Mu Mu Brand Ambassador, you’ll be expected to project a positive image of our organization on campus and in the workplace, have the opportunity to compete in fun challenges to build brand awareness, and learn valuable skills about brand building.

About Our Organization:

What is Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc.? Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. is a Cyber Greek Organization and our Greek letters translate to The Independent Millennial Woman and The Independent Millennial Man. Many men and women do not get an opportunity to pledge the sisterhood or brotherhood of renowned sororities and fraternities, well here, you have a second chance. With the Cyber Greek Organization location is not an issue as our online group chat community allows us to always stay connected along with in-state workshops and fun group activities. 
Lisa K. Stephenson


Founder and Chairman of the Board
- Free copies of merchandising
- Win awesome prizes based on performance
- Tau Iota Mu Psi Greek Brand Ambassador on your resume
- Gain one-of-a-kind marketing experience. in addition, you get to participate in exclusive contests and giveaways, only available to our brand reps.
- After your first 25 P.N.M. recruits, we send free clothes from top brands you love. (i.e. Nike, Victoria Secret, Express and more...
- Become a Legacy Member to earn income to offset student loan debt by enrolling in our debt relief program
"Women don't just get themselves into bad situations, guys make the situation bad..."

- Lisa K.