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   It is possible to have it all:
Independence and Healthy Intimacy.


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The First Annual Peach & Gold Fundraising Gala is a celebration of our organizations finest and brightest - not just prestigious women, but students, services, and spectacular entrepreneurs and creative talents – we are proud to call them ‘SISTER’ & 'BROTHER'. Our goal is to award over $100,000.00 in scholarships for our deserving scholars.

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Join our Summer Podcasting System in San Francisco, California! Here at the Cyber Networking Event, we invite all podcasters and regular listeners out for Mimosa and Radio. Podcasters can meet new individuals to be featured on their show, sponsorships packages are available for you to run your podcast episode LIVE with our team of excellent videographers, photographers and creative directors.

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In a league of their own are our Brothers of Leadership and Legacy Lodge Members who have come to spare no expense as it pertains to enjoying the finer things in life. Our 4-day sponsorship packages leading up to the Washington, DC Male Entrepreneur Conference better known as Brother-Giving is where our members, established entrepreneurs and potential new members gather for rejuvenation, relaxation, education, golf, drinks and of course a good cigar! Our conference will introduce new modes of teaching, earning revenue and turning a profit within your first year as a start-up, employment training and of course much more! #daretobedapper


The Luncheon will feature many top business owners introducing their products and/or services! Industries such as: fashion, culinary, arts, technology and much more will be present, displaying their hard work and networking amongst one another for their opportunity to build new clientele and work simultaneously in an effort to bridge together the members of their communities. Sponsorship Application


Why We Empower, Why We Teach

Statistics show that nurses (92% comprised of women) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2008, 10% of all RNs were black, 8% were Asian, and 5% were of Hispanic origin. Human Resource Directors (71% comprised of women), Attorneys (52.4% comprised of women), Business Owners (More than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales as of
2017. Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 39% of all privately held firms and contribute 8% of employment and 4.2% of revenues. On another note, as of 2017 only 33% of Black Women who gave birth were married which is almost the opposite for “all women” at 64%. Black Women are passing every course except relationship and marriage 101. We have to change this as intellect and intimacy should go hand in hand. If you can have it all, why don’t you?

Here at Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc., we value the importance of an education. As much of us know many women may excel in academics however, they still remain unwed and uncommitted. As a Black Women’s organization, we seek to change this, for the college degree is only one area of intellect; relationship knowledge is another curriculum we must conquer. Sponsoring the #TIMW is not only a chance for us to promote black excellence but we also hope to promote both the importance of earning a college degree and utilizing that degree to retain independence as a means of sustaining and joining a healthy union on a road that leads to marriage.
"Let's stop teaching women that all men and relationships are bad. Let us, instead educate them on what healthy intimacy looks like, especially for that of an educated black woman."
- Lisa K.
Bridging the gap between romance and education:
Marriage has been a declining institution among all Americans and this decline is even more evident in the Black community. In 2016 only 29% of African Americans were married compared to 48% of all Americans. Half or 50% of African Americans have never been married compared to 33% of all Americans.
(statistics courtesy of black demographics)

From Graduation to the Altar