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Student Loan Debt Relief Program

Did you know?
Many people who are overwhelmed by student loan debt hope that bankruptcy may offer a solution to their problem. However, if you declare bankruptcy, you still must pay your student loans back. The only way to avoid this is to become permanently disabled or to die.
Lisa K. Stephenson understands the importance of higher education; however, she loathes the debt that often times inevitably comes along with it. Our Student Loan Debt Relief Program is a program designed for college students within our organization to take their earned income and apply it to their student loans.
Did you know?
If you hit a spell of bad luck, it is that much harder to get back on top of things with student loan payments. Once you pay your student loans off early, you will be much better equipped to deal with financial crises in your life.
Why is it important to pay off your student loan debt, or at least begin making payments?

Lower your debt to income ratio

Lowering your debt to income ratio means that you have more money available to you when it is time to buy a house or to borrow money for a car. Learn how to free up your money. How does our program work? For starters when you become a Legacy Member and begin earning your commission you have two options available to you: (1) earn your income and have it available to you via direct deposit or check (2) earn your income and have a check payment of your earnings mailed to your financial lender. The payments can be specifically directed to your principal balance or your interest.

The truth about what your student loans are costing you..

Because escaping student loan debt is almost impossible we want our sisters and undergraduates to learn first-hand the importance of facing your responsibilities. Once you pay your student loans off early, you will be much better equipped to deal with financial crises in your life. We want our ladies to start off on the right track, both intellectually and financially. Interest and paying on your student loan, even if you deduct the majority of interest you are paying you must consider how much money you are losing each money because of the payments. You should also consider the opportunity cost you are losing because you have the monthly payment. You might be able to save more quickly towards your down payment on a home if you did not have the monthly obligation or you may be able to open your own business or work towards other goals if you did not have to worry about the debt. Without a loan payment, you may be able to take bigger risks than you would otherwise.

“Women who hold a college degree can no doubt feel far more confident, this translates into their relationships. We want our sisters to be as independent and confident as possible! ”

- Lisa K.
Planning for graduation

Want to take that celebratory vacation? Sure you do, but when you have debt, your financial worry and stress are higher than when you are debt free. If you want to reduce your financial stress, you should work on paying off your student loans, if not the principal, begin with the interest.

How does it work?

Once you receive a suitable candidate who is interested in joining our organization, you will advise them of the different memberships offered. From there they can choose, to save on costs many have decided to enter our organization as a P.N.M. which is always encouraged as there are benefits here as well. Ladies can then go on to meeting or exceeding the quota needed for promotion to Legacy Membership. If they are promoted there is no initiation charge and therefore as a recruiter, there is no financial benefit to you. Thus, we encourage our ladies of Tau Iota Mu Psi who hold a Legacy Membership to thoroughly explain the importance of entering the organization as a higher ranked member versus a P.N.M. and/or Brand Ambassador.

Brand Ambassadors do not have a monetary earning potential until they have reached a recruiting quota for Legacy Members. Once this is done, you will begin earning up to 10% for every recruit, we always encourage our ladies to recruit “up”, in other words, if you are a Legacy Member we encourage you to begin recruitment for Golden Greeks as the earning potential can only increase in your favor.

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Student Loan Debt Relief Application

Campus Resource Program
Golden Greek and Brothers of Leadership are the frontrunners within our organization possessing key characteristics which make them exemplary business coaches and demonstrators. From being results oriented to strategically focused they are always regarded with the utmost respect and now, as part of our Campus Resource Campaign we are inviting educators—public school, private school, colleges and universities—to take part in earning their place amongst our leaders of tomorrow. As an incentive we are looking to pull together as a team and a community to aid our educators with supplying our students with the resources necessary to improve their academic experience—notepads, book bags, pens, pencils, college textbooks and much more.

Our team of diligent professionals has begun partnering with Company’s such as Chegg, ValoreBooks, JustServe and other retailers to help offer our members and students a discounted rate for their college textbooks and resources. Help us to make school fun again! By choosing to donate below you can opt in to have your funds utilized for the following academic levels: College Students, High School Seniors and High School Juniors then, simply let us handle the rest. Membership fees for those who choose to participate in our program will receive a 5% discount on their first month’s initiation fee. This is, Why We Empower and Why We Teach.

"For teachers in lower-income districts, the burden can be even higher. Within the past year, Communities in Schools conducted a survey of 700 teachers and found that more than 90% have to buy school supplies to help low-income kids whose parents can’t afford even basic things like pens and notebooks."

- White, Martha C. "How Much Your Kid’s Teacher is Shelling Out for School Supplies." Time.  3 Aug. 2016.
"Textbook prices have skyrocketed over the past few years, which has led 71% of students to ask their parents for money, 41% to skip meals and 31% to take fewer classes to afford their reading material, according to a new survey by Morning Consult for Cengage, an online textbook company."

- Kight, Stef W. "College Students are Skipping Meals to pay for Textbooks." Axios.  1 Sept. 2018.
"No matter the class, though, teachers in high-poverty schools often find themselves digging even deeper into their own pockets — to buy extra food for their students, as Lyke mentioned, and clothing."

- Figueroa, Ariana. "How Much Do teachers Spend On Classroom Supplies?." NPR.  19 Dec. 2017.
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