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Independence and Healthy Intimacy.



Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. requires that its members demonstrate high cultural, intellectual, and moral standards and that their actions exemplify the public and personal behaviors that reflect the principles promoted by both our Sisterhood and Brotherhood. Ladies of Tau Iota Mu Psi and Gentlemen of Tau Iota Mu Mu have recognized that our online organization is not a place of injustice, societal acceptance or prejudice. We are here to set new and higher standards for the empowerment of both men and women by teaching, fostering new skills and abilities as well as supporting our ever-growing organization. Tau Iota Mu Psi and Tau Iota Mu Mu house a series of future entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and chief executive officers to whom we will support, encourage and aid alongside their journey. We represent The Independent Millennial Woman and The Independent Millennial Man, take a look at the woman and the man standing to your left and to your right, recognize her/his face for she is SISTER and he is BROTHER.


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If you are a service professional complete our “service professional” form, forward this form to [email protected] and one of our Board of Directors will be in touch. We may require additional information prior to approving you as a service provider but, once you are approved you can begin taking requests from our members, staff, and board of directors. In addition, your photo and a link to your services profile will be made available on our website at no cost to you.
Need a service professional? Requesting one is just as easy. Click the link below and you will be directed to our contact page, from there simply complete the form briefly describing what kind of service you are looking you would like. Immediately following your request will then be forwarded to our service inbox – [email protected] - where all of our professionals will have access, from there the person who can best suit your needs will be in contact. It is that easy!
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Event Planner - Book Editor - Investment Banker - Mentor - Public Speaker - Babysitter - Fashion Designer - Makeup Professional - Photographer and much more...

Indie Author - Masterclass

Do you have a completed manuscript you would like to submit for publication? In this $65 special Master Class designed for Tau Iota Mu Psi members we will discuss approaches for submitting your work for publication—where to find agents, character development and following up. We will cover everything from how to make sure an agent or publisher is credible to helping you find the best publisher to fit your work. Please contact us for your member code: [email protected]