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Independence and Healthy Intimacy.



Brothers of Leadership

The Brothers of Leadership here at Tau Iota Mu Mu are the high-roller income earners of our organization, with earning potential as high as 45% commission for each recruit, these gentlemen are professionally poised marketing extraordinaire. The Brothers of Leadership are the second highest ranked members of our organization, ranking one step below our salaried Platinum Members. The Brothers of Leadership are the protectors, mentors and the leaders of our Brotherhood workshops and events as they bring much more to the table besides their basic academia; they bring their strong work ethic, networking skills and their promise to uphold our mission. As Independent Millennial Men these gentlemen understand the importance of being your own boss and they're not afraid to get it!


Legacy Lodge Brothers

Often times our LLB brothers are promoted to Brothers of Leadership where they begin to benefit from their hard-work, teaching gentlemen on how they too can earn income, attend school and one day become a boss. We have to start somewhere and why not here? The stakes are high but the outcome is even greater, with the right tools you can find yourself creating a legacy all of your own. So what are you waiting for?

Potential New Members

Our P.N.M. are the potential new members of Tau Iota Mu Mu or also known as Brand Ambassadors (position is optional). Choosing a membership is hard work, however, it does not have to be. As a potential new member earning your rightful place in our Brotherhood is fast, free and easy! We encourage all P.N.M. brothers to seek guidance from our Legacy Lodge Brothers on how to get the most out of our organization. Afterall, we are a brotherhood, unified and working together to not only build brands but also build businesses and bridges. Our P.N.M. brothers are the most vital members of our organization because they are new and will aid us in maintaining our brotherhood for generations to come. Our Brothers of Leadership and Legacy Lodge Brothers here at Tau Iota Mu Mu must pledge to lead and teach our incoming brothers.

The LLB are those who have mastered their ability to listen, learn and earn. These young entrepreneurs are skillful future business owners and chief executive officers in the making. Their legacy is a representation of our organization to the fullest.