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Tau Iota Mu Mu
The Painted Wolf

Our mascots are a representation of our strength, unity, and courage. The image signifying the ladies of Tau Iota Mu Psi is The African Golden Wolf. The African Golden Wolf, also known as the Golden Wolf or African Wolf, is a canid native to the north and northeastern Africa. Our other image symbolizing the brothers of Tau Iota Mu Mu is known as The Painted Wolf.  The Painted Wolf foundation sheds light on these animals, by citing the following: The Painted Wolf is Africa’s most persecuted predator. It is also it's most elusive and enigmatic. These species are both rare and now endangered, together we can work with foundations such as The Painted Wolf Foundation, to aid in providing them health, stability, and conservation.  

Tau Iota Mu Psi
African Golden Wolf

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