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Independence and Healthy Intimacy.


Peach & Gold Fundraising Gala


Ancient Egyptian

Lisa K. Stephenson
Keynote Speaker
Lisa K. Stephenson was born and raised in the Bronx, NY in a private home where she resided with her two brothers and mother. Author Lisa K. Stephenson has a unique style in her fictional books of sharing life’s lessons through her characters.
“By bringing this to workshops and speaking engagements, it is to ignite women in a sisterhood circle to discuss the mistakes we make with romance and intimacy. I’ve seen the most educated and successful women fall into this toxic and hypnotic place. By opening the conversation to this sensitive topic, where one’s vulnerability is exposed in a trusting environment, that we can heal, redirect the energy and support one another so it doesn’t happen again”, says Lisa Stephenson.
A series of topics will be introduced to working women in Manhattan through major companies where Human Resource Directors are searching for ongoing diversity and education workshops that will guide their female executives and workers towards a program that will strengthen their lives.


Channel your Inner Queen with our Inner-Circle

Our first annual Peach & Gold Fundraising Gala is our private organizations event. With over 500 guests expected to attend this will be one of Atlanta's most talked about festivities. This year's theme being Ancient Egyptian our guests are sure to catch our attention in their most fashionable trends and costumes.
This event is not open to the general public however, joining our guest list has never been easier. Legacy Members, Pontential New Members, Golden Greeks and Donors all have a chance to encourgae their friends and family to consider an active role within our organization for their chance to attend. We look forward to making this a memorable event for our ladies here at Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. Women empowerment begins and ends with women.
Keynote Speaker Lisa K. Stephenson will be sharing her highly anticipated workshop with guests: The Independent Millennial Woman. Also note, our list for potential scholarship recipients continue to grow day by day and we look forward to meeting our new sisters, mingling with the veterans and having the best night of our lives.

Guest List

Atlanta, GA - January 8, 2020

Our Board Directors encourage members and guests to RSVP as early as December 8, 2019 as this is when we will begin choosing our receipients for their scholarship awards. We ask that anyone interested in receicving our Scholarship Award please complete the form below in its entirety. Any incomplete forms will be disqualifed.
Intimate details of our event will only be disclosed to the individuals who have confirmed their attendance. Please do not miss this deadline for any applications entered after the deadline date noted above will not be considered for entry. We thank you for your time, patience and assistance with helping this organziation grow and remain an integral part of society.