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   It is possible to have it all:
Independence and Healthy Intimacy.

RUSH: Cyber Greek Organization
Tau Iota Mu Psi, Incorporated will hold our quarterly formal RUSH in our chapter cities. At which time, we will seek to invite ladies and gentlemen out for our information session, mimosas and lunch! We are more than a Cyber Greek Organization, we are a conversation, a unique twist to the average Fraternity and Sorority that you may find present on or off of your campuses today. What we offer here at Tau Iota Mu Psi is the respect and recognition that you would acquire from another organization or social club in addition to opportunities that are currently unmatched.

Business Awards to our current and future entrepreneurs
Scholarship Awards to our graduates, undergraduates and post-graduate members
Employment and passive income earning potential.



Join our Summer Podcasting System in San Francisco, California! Here at the Cyber Networking Event, we invite all podcasters and regular listeners out for Mimosa and Radio. Podcasters can meet new individuals to be featured on their show, sponsorships packages are available for you to run your podcast episode LIVE with our team of excellent videographers, photographers and creative directors.

This is the Big Bang as all videos will be featured on our YouTube channel. Listeners, have a favorite podcaster? Vote for them for their chance to win our Podcaster Summer Award. All podcast members must submit their applications on or before April 15, 2019, to be considered.

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The Independent Millennial Woman Workshop x The 'Late Bloomer' Book Tour

Lisa K. Stephenson

It happens to all women from the new sisters on the dating scene to the experienced executive female-sacrificing their independence and power to a significant other. This challenge is to stand in the spotlight, claim your power once again, and share your success with other women. We must do it together. We are one!

The Independent Millennial Woman Series is a workshop I have designed to teach women how to not be ashamed of their knowledge and ambition, rather to find a way of balancing both work and romance. In addition finding a mate that they believe worthy enough to stand with them as they both hope to progress together and not apart, after all, love is not a competition. Healthy relationships consist of people who look to help and inspire one another, uplift one another and aid in the development of their significant other, because at the end of the day two people moving as one will simultaneously reap the benefits of their hard work. Tour June 1, 2019 - September 20, 2019
Brother-Giving Seminar
The Kingdom
Why we empower, why we teach is more than a slogan for the gentlemen here at Tau Iota Mu Mu. Our brothers are dedicated members, fathers, leaders, workers, entrepreneurs, and mentors. It is here, that we say with pride, we have gathered our finest, most diligent individuals to present their seminar on the true meaning of leadership, loyalty and hard work! Men of this caliber are not easy to come by, therefore our reformed Brothers of Leadership and Legacy Lodge Members are here to teach, listen, praise and support the boys to men of our future.

Personal Emotional Skills - Leadership Skills Training - Emotional Intelligence

Sister-Giving Seminar

Take Class
As female entrepreneurs we face many challenges in the workplace from generating revenue, to building a sisterhood, confidence, alliances, emotional stability and overcoming perfectionism to name a few. With our Sister-Giving program members of Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. who serve as leaders can experience this one stop opportunity to attend classes on how to alleviate the stresses that comes along with managing the C-suite or in most cases owning and running their small business. Ladies can attend these classes along with their executive employees for a small quarterly fee. Rather than investing in employee teambuilding programs individually for your commerce, join us in one setting as we seek to minimize costs while expanding our business endeavors and knowledge. Author of the book Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goldman once said, “The business leaders don’t know just one style of leadership-they’re skilled at several, and have the flexibility to switch between styles as the circumstances dictate."
Wellness + Body Posture Weeks
This area is to assist you in learning the benefits of healthy eating, diet and exercise. A confident woman is a healthy woman and with weekly do's and dont's we are here to help you see the best possible results, having you looking and feeling phenomenal.
Stretching is important because it helps you maintain your flexibility and range of motion in your joints. If you don't stretch your muscles and connective tissue around the muscle, it will adaptively shorten. When you stretch the muscle, fibers and connective tissue elongate allowing the stretched muscles to become longer.
The importance of an education. It’s about understanding right from wrong and having the knowledge you need to stay afloat in today’s society. It helps to develop your perspective on the world around you and pushes you to think both creatively and conceptually about many different subjects. Without education, sensory information would simply be lost.