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   It is possible to have it all:
Independence and Healthy Intimacy.

Sponsors are included in all of the party promotions including print, digital, social media and direct mail-plus have a display table and signage at the gala.
Our events are not to be missed as we pride ourselves on constantly giving our utmost to the community.
Not only is your gift 100% tax deductible, you will also be mentioned in our program booklet as a contributor and inducted into our organization as a Golden Greek Member. 
In addition to our annual Peach and Gold Fundraising Gala, our members of Tau Iota Mu Psi host monthly events that are open to the public and is of no charge to you.
Our Cyber Greek Organization, Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. strive to provide education, social and business benefits as a way of improving quality life, sustainability, independence and dignity to both women and men from all walks of life. It is through generous donations that we provide an opportunity of hope and caring for men and women looking for a better and brighter future.
Relevent Impact

$10/ Month

$10/ month - Student Loan Debt Relief
For just $10/month you will be making an informed purchasing decision allowing us here at Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. the opportunity to provide students with a head start into our Student Loan Debt Repayment program. In addition, adult education programs to aid post-graduates and current graduates with their student loan repayments as this too can be quite daunting and financially exhausting. Both American men and women are in fear of getting a college education for two reasons: (1) graduating with a large amount of student loan debt and (2) not getting employed by a company to repay said debt.

$25/ Month

$50/ Month

$100/ Month

$25/ month - Tools, Tactics, and Techniques
Future entrepreneurs and female industry leaders need their voices heard and with just $25/ month you can help make their dreams come true of funding and participating in their own non-profit organization. Women and men who are interested in giving back to their community through the use of a non-profit can earn business rewards to cover costs for research, organizations, additional student service, foundations, and booster clubs.

$100/ month - Scholarship and Financial Support
As an organization that supports and enables students to obtain financial assistance to meet their educational requirements and living expenses while in school, we would like to let our donors know just how far $100/month can truly go! Students can receive funding towards their education based on their GPA, community participation and much more.

$50/ month - Membership Circle
Instead of annual dues, we encourage donors and future members to consider a donation of $50/month. Our sisterhood and brotherhood circle are more than just a fraternity or sorority, we are a movement and as such hope to provide our members, sisters, brothers, sponsors, and donors the opportunity to work smarter and not harder by implementing leadership training sessions designed for our leaders of today and tomorrow. This is in addition to our leisurely activities that are essential for our overall peace of mind.


Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc.

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