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Tau Iota Mu Mu Membership Recruitment

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#TIMM is your way of earning passive income. As an online based organization we offer our members opportunities to earn on the go, in person or at a function. Whether near or far you will have access to a wide range of tools and 24/7 email support to help keep your business organized, connected and efficient. A job may require that you change yourself to fit its mold. Well, here at Tau Iota Mu Mu, Inc. our membership packages offer you the freedom to fit your business to your needs! Additionally, salaried, hourly or permanent commission positions are also available to you while still earning your membership revenue. That’s two incomes, one organization. Get started today!

All The Right Tools!

Our membership packages are only the beginning here at Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. Unlike most other commission based organizations, we offer a free startup to all Potential New Members looking to begin their journey to earning passive income. Our fee here for Legacy Lodge Brother is a onetime charge at $35, however, this fee can be waived. As a Potential New Member you can recruit up to 25 new P.N.M.’s, ask for their reference and voilà, you are on your way to earning passive income. It is that easy!
At your fingertips there is a wealth of digital and print tools available to help keep your Tau Iota Mu Mu Membership Recruitment business running whether on the go or in person. You will have access to:

- Tau Iota Mu Mu membership portal making transactions both fast and easy!
- Tau Iota Mu Mu, Inc. University for invaluable education
- Merchandise order form
- Your own business cards
- Printed literature for your potential new members (i.e. newsletters, application guides and much more)
- 24/7 email contact support
- Brochures with easy-to-learn marketing tips
Support & Encouragement

When you’re ready for some face-to-face support, you can learn best practices, be inspired and get motivation from our Legacy Lodge Brothers and our Volunteer Services Manager at team meetings, company sponsored events and webinars hosted by our hands on Board of Directors.

Why We Empower, Why We Teach is our ongoing slogan for motivation and inspiration. As an entrepreneur, you will have the flexibility to set your own schedule and earn amazing rewards. Plus, you will be part of an independent confidence-boosting brotherhood composed of both women and men worldwide. Our online based organization makes it easy for people from all over the country to take part. Our Board of Directors and wonderful staff are here to assist you every step of the way.

The Recognition

Although the perks and prizes are great, we offer something even more coveted: respect and recognition. At our annual Peach & Gold Gala we recognize and appreciate for their dedication our Legacy Members, Golden Greeks, Brothers of Leadership and Legacy Lodge Brother.
Legacy Lodge Brother
Brothers of Leadership
The Power of the Brotherhood

Lisa K. Stephenson founded this organization with a dream to inspire women in hopes that they will discover extra income, empowered choices and independence. It was later learned that men too can benefit from such an organization, to date Lisa and her associates have begun building teams, programs and other tools to aid the benefit of men and their discovery to manhood and success.

The Earning Potential

First things first: The way to begin earning income with Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. is to begin recruiting members through our membership recruitment program. There are two ways to come on-board, (1) subscribe to our monthly newsletters as a P.N.M. and refer 25 men to our organization as Potential New Members, and from there you will be invited to join our Legacy Lodge Membership at no cost to you. (2) Fill out the form here at: recruitment and express your interest in joining one of our memberships. A brother will contact you with further instructions to discuss our fees/promotions. To view our career path, click here: Career Path

                                                Ways to Recruit!

In person
Man to man. You can make connections and build your membership profile with:
- Personal meetings
- Open houses
- Company sponsored events

The digital market is your playground, our user friendly downloads and easy to navigate site system make it feasible for you to multi-task and make transactions a breeze.
- Encourage members to receive our monthly newsletters
- Attend our online webinars
- Utilize social media sites

On the Go
- Brand ambassadors will help you make a wonderful connection
- Showcase our merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, hooded sweaters and sweatshirts, jackets and much more)

Connecting with a Legacy Lodge Brother is fast and easy, by joining today you can get on the road to becoming your own boss, making your own hours and utilize the talents and passion you already have to begin earning passive income.


There are numerous rewards to accepting a full-time active membership within our organization. Members are eligible for scholarship and business awards, members who are entrepreneurs can request training for their executive staff employees on leadership, emotional intelligence and personal skills training to help them thrive in the workplace. Our sisterhood humanitarian award is awarded every year to the members who are active in their communities. Members who seek to earn income can choose to apply their income to their student loan debt, this can be past debt owed or loans/monies required for their undergraduate degree. Members can attend seminars and workshops at no cost to them and get access to lavish gifts fit for royalty. Lastly, there is potential to earn two forms of income; salary and commission!

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