Lisa K. Stephenson presents...

Welcome to our

    It is possible to have it all:
Independence and Healthy Intimacy.

Mission Statement
Our mission here at the Cyber Sisterhood of Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc. is to promote the education of women as a means of encouraging their independence. Author, Motivational Speaker and Pioneer of The Independent Millennial Woman workshops Lisa K. Stephenson states the purpose of this sisterhood is fostering principles as it equates to intimacy and equality within romantic relationships. It is through our organization we hope to promote the awareness of Black Culture. Our memberships are designed to strengthen our leadership skills and encourage participation in our communities to earn incentives as it relates to an epidemic plaguing our culture; student loan debt. It is through this non-profit organization we hope to take action on this specific issue both nationally and internationally while cooperating with other persons and organizations to achieve mutual goals.

Central Idea:                
Understanding that women are more likely to find themselves in toxic relationships when their self-respect, self-esteem and independence are compromised.

Women Empowerment – Feminism – Independence and Self-Love are all vital elements for self- preservation and success. This sisterhood is more than just a name- this is a conversation, a discussion amongst Queens and a platform in which we can bring our ideas, share our stories and empower one another!

Here at the Cyber Sisterhood you will find there is no hazing or annual dues. This is a place of unity, loyalty, trust and genuine love-we gather to uplift one another, defend and protect our siblings. Join us in giving back through our webinars, city and state to state workshops and seminars, brunch with polish and pearls and much more! 


Join Our Sisterhood

  1. Cyber-Cycle
    Cycle away the pounds! Meet up with your sister and get your exercise on! Yoga, dance, Pilates, Zumba, regain your confidence by putting your best foot and BODY forward; let’s not forget the importance of exercising for our health.
  2. Networking Events
    Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH! During our workshops, webinars and seminars be sure to invite your friends, market, sell yourself and your ideas and work towards branding your name! Trademark your ideas and share them with your sisters.
  3. Feminine-Fashionista
    Bossing up means owning the room, DRESS for the job you want, not the job you have! Learn to work the area with just your appearance and ladies we are going to do this together. We have to keep one another in tow, from our hairstyles to the acrylic on our nails.
Our group meetings will consist of a small opening-ten to fifteen minute-discussion of “what have you been up to?” We implore our members to support our online store and show up in your #TIMW apparel so we can identify newcomers and help encourage me-to you participation aiding in the pairing of alumni and new faces. Embroider Greek Letterman Apparel will only be available to veterans and active participants, we hope this will be you! In addition, our sisterhood is more than just a sorority, we are employers looking to aid our sisters in finding, sustaining and developing careers while earning a lucrative income.